Rye & Sons Rye & Sons

Rye & Sons is an easy-drinking and exciting straight rye whiskey from celebrated sommelier, winemaker, and restaurateur André Hueston Mack. Crafted within the tradition of America's original whiskey while infused with a healthy dose of whimsy, this remarkable rye is perfect for casual occasions with friends and can easily serve as a go-to bottle behind the bar. Rye & Sons' rare combination of delicious taste and accessible price make it a great all-around whiskey—it's comfortable wherever you put it, straight or in cocktails.

2022 Straight Rye

On the Palate


roasted nectarine

salted caramel


On the Nose

orange zest

cane syrup








Distilled in Danville &
Frankfort, Kentucky

Rye & Sons Rye & Sons

After rising to prominence as a sommelier with an irreverent streak at iconic American restaurants The French Laundry and Per Se, André Hueston Mack became known for his Maison Noir label, which produces easy-drinking and playful Oregon wines, and for his restaurants dedicated to American food and drink. Now, he turns his genius for creating quality products with an accessible nature to Kentucky straight rye whiskey.

Rye & Sons Rye & Sons

Rye & Sons Rye & Sons

As a longtime connoisseur of spirits in addition to wine, André chose rye because of its remarkable complexity and significance as the original, but often overlooked, American spirit. Rye whiskey’s flavor profile has more complexity than other whiskeys—on par with that of wine—making it a perfect fit for André. Rye & Sons is produced in annual vintage releases, like a wine.

Rye & Sons Rye & Sons

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The Perfect
Old Fashioned

Rye & Sons

The Perfect Old Fashioned


2 oz.

Rye & Sons Straight Rye

¼ oz.

Demerara syrup

3 dashes

Angostura bitters

2 dashes

Orange bitters


Orange peel



Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass.


Top with ice, stir until chilled and ingredients are well combined.


Express orange peel and use for garnish.